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Ultimate Guide to Pairing Shoes With Pants

by MFG

Guide to pair shoes with pants

When it comes to fashion no matter there are a lot of rules but to each its own. However, there are times you just want to know what to pair with what and just get done with it. Those desperate times call for guides like this minus the stress of planning and trying different things out.


Men in summer and shorts are inseparable so is the case with men out holidaying. But the tricky part of this comfy piece of clothing is getting the shoe pairing right. In this scenario a pair of espadrilles or plimsolls will hold it all together. For the little less casual outings, pick the boat shoes.

Choice of socks: no show socks

Chino shoes with shorts for men


History is proof that jeans and sneakers go hand in hand and always manage to look cool. But who would not want to defy that and pair Chelsea boots for a more edgy look. For an even more badass vibe opt for high top sneakers and you will not be disappointed.

Choice of socks: no show socks

Boots , shoes with jeans for men


Chinos are timeless pieces and must haves for everyman out there. Being versatile amongst all men’s clothing pieces they can be worn in so many different settings. For extreme winters, wear a pair of lace up boots with them. For summertime go for boat shoes or penny loafers.

Choice of socks: crew socks

Chino pants  , shoes for men


Trousers are staples of a working man’s wardrobe. But when it comes to picking shoes that pair well with trousers, the dilemma begins. Dress shoes with rubber soles, like brogues or derby shoes are the winners here. For a more weekend vibe opt for minimalist sneakers aka the street style visionaries.

Choice of socks: casual dress socks

Formal pants  , formal shoes for men


No suit is complete without the appropriate pair of shoes. It is a no brainer that dress shoes are your only options her. Suits let you bring out your shiniest oxfords and city boots. If you are the modern urban chic breed then you can even flaunt your clean and simple sneakers in this case. But avoid all sorts of sporty vibes.

Choice of socks: dress socks

Suit , Formal pants  , formal shoes for men


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