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Fashion Trends For Men To Look Forward To In 2017

by MFG

Fashion trends for Men in 2017

We know the start of 2017 is quite far gone, but when it comes to fashion no inspiration is ever enough. We are still quite figuring out the trends of the year ahead. Especially when it comes to wearable men’s trends, they are quite a few and to make the most of them requires quite some planning. This is when listing down trends that we are all quite excited about comes handy and her is what we have in store for you

Oversized Shoulders

Balenciaga set fire on the menswear runway when the fashion house sent the models walking down the ramp in all kinds of oversized shoulders. The trend was seen all over on bombers, jackets and coats. We cannot wait to see how this à la 80’s trend will be given a new spin by the modern man.

latest fashion trends for men 2017

Checkmate Galore

Seen them embrace the print on their shoes and backpacks and with the trend forecasts coming our way, we can now expect the men to embrace the checkerboard print in all its glory. It is a print that provides a literal optical illusion and amidst all that, sprucing it up in style looks like a fun challenge.

Check , New Fashion Trends for Men 2017

Case of Overalls

Whenever we watched men onscreen working them overalls, we have swooned away without a doubt. Come 2017 overalls are not going anywhere; in fact this utilitarian piece has reached new level of chic this year with different textures and laidback detailing and a very sexy chic status.

Overalls, Trends for Men 2017

Slogan Tees For The Win

If women are expressing themselves with tees that speak their mind, how can men be far behind? They have been wearing cool one liner and band tees since the beginning of tees existence came into being may be but this year the slogans are nothings short of social messages that will make you rethink what you see.

Slogan T-Shirt, fashion Trends for Men 2017

Ahoy Sailors

Attractive and sailors are two terms that go hand in hand. Lucky for us beholders, this year sailor accents in the form of anchor embellishments and water proof fabric etc. have graced men’s fashion world. Nope we are not complaining!

Ahoy Sailors , Trends for Men 2017

Pastel Power

Pastel tones have always been the muted wonders of fashion world and kind of feminine when comes to categorical consideration. Only thing is it is no more a feminine palette, with men welcoming creams, peaches and blues in all of that subtleness makes us wonder why they took so long to get the pastel fever.

Pastels Color, New Trends for Men 2017

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