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7 Gym Essentials Every Man Needs

by MFG

Gym Essentials for Men

Fitness is now an unavoidable part of our daily lives. There are tons of apps, regimes, columns and videos to help you get a tailor made workout regime including details like the number of reps you should do in each exercise, how much precisely you should lift and what and what not you ought to eat. While the fitness world undergoes such mass customization, there is a dire need for a guide that sets your workout style on point too. We bring you these amazing tips to choose right gym clothes , gym shoes and gym bags that add some much-needed fashion to your fitness.

Neutral Color T-shirts

With some crazy graphics in neon colors doing rounds in sports apparel, it’s always safe to stick to the roots and opt for neutrals if you are a newbie to the gym world. White, grey and black should be your natural picks unless you’ve already stacked loads of them. Off-beats are tough to pair hence go for them only after you’ve got your neutrals right.

Gym T Shirt - 7 Gym Essentials Every Man Needs


Dri – Fit Track Pants

You got to make sure that all your sportswear is well fitted and stretchable. Keep the homely baggy shorts away from the gym. Go for breathable polyester track pants with body sweat absorbers and picking from a good sports brand is outright necessary.
Gym Track Pants - 7 Gym Essentials Every Man Needs



You are almost past the finish line with the right gym shoes on. Your trainers should allow you to move, lift and run swiftly. Make your pick depending on your workout preference; walking, sprinting, cross training etc.

Trainers - 7 Gym Essentials Every Man Needs


Active Wear Jackets

Many men skip this and go ahead with the staple t-shirt . Track jackets are a catalyst in generating body heat, which is the core reason behind a workout. It makes you sweat faster and look trendier.
GYM Jackets - 7 Gym Essentials Every Man Needs

Gym Bags

A sporty duffle bag is a must for every gym-goer. Quit being clumsy with your workout essentials and pack them all right in a spacious duffle bag. That way you know you’ve got all you need at one place in a smart looking duffle.

GYM Bags - 7 Gym Essentials Every Man NeedsBUY HERE 


Set your targets straight and monitor what you burn with these activity tracker wristbands. It’s the GenX way to stay fit and lead a healthy life. With these on your wrist, there’s no weight you can’t shed.
Monitor - 7 Gym Essentials Every Man Needs


Smell right

You ought to watch for bad body odor when you’re sweating it out in the gym. Always carry mild sporty fragrances in your bag to use before and after workout.

Sport Perfume - 7 Gym Essentials Every Man NeedsBUY HERE

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