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5 Most Common Dress Codes For Men

by MFG

5 Most Common Dress Codes For Men

Every time you RSVP to an event with a dress code, don’t you wish – only if there was someone to explain this clearly to me! Only if you knew the exact meaning of a black tie or smart casuals, attending these events would be a breeze then. May be so far it was not, but going forward you will know the exact pieces to pick up for your evening affair.

Black Tie

You will need:

The main element of black tie attire is a black single-breasted tuxedo jacket with silk or satin faced lapels. Pair it with a white dress shirt having pleated front, turn-down collar, double cuff and black decorative studs. Trousers must be black tapered with single row of braid on the outer leg. Black Hand tied bow tie that matches the lapel must be worn. Wear cufflinks that match the shirt studs. Pair it all with black patent leather oxford shoes and voila!

Tip: Skip belts and match all your metal embellishments.



You will need:

Start off with a matching two piece suit, in plain or pinstriped dark shades. Opt for plain colour leather belt that matches the suit. Pick a tie in conservative colour and design and plain light coloured shirt with single or double cuff and English spread collar. Socks must be plain and dark in shade, marching the suit and to pull it all together go for polished black leather derby or oxford shoes.

Tip: For business formals wear a white shirt.

Business Suit , men

Smart casual

You will need:

First off invest in a smart tweed jacket or blazer. Wear a button down collar shirt with stripes or checks. For pants wear chinos which you can exchange with dark tailored jeans for informal events. Go for invisible socks with brogues or loafers and Chelsea boots for informal events.

Tip: Avoid trainers, logos and shorts.

Smart casual style for men


You will need:

Go for long or short sleeved patterned polo shirt with dark fitted cords, jeans or chinos. A pair of smart trainers will do just fine in this case.

Tip: Casual does not necessarily mean you favourite t shirt and track pants.

casual styling for men


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