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4 Myths About Skincare That Every Man Should Know

by MFG

Myths About Skincare That Every Man Should Know

Generally, men are less motivated to go all out and draft a skincare regime for themselves that is ideal for their skin type. They are disciplined followers of all the guidance received from the women in their lives. However, what stands true for one barely holds ground for the rest.

Skincare is one area that is rife with myths! We have come to your rescue to bust each of them and allow you to have a less clouded view about what your skin really needs!

Myth – Drink lots of water for a healthy hydrated skin

Truth – While drinking adequate water is the solution to most of our issues, skin care is not one of them. Drinking lots of water is extremely healthy for our body as it aids acidity, bloating and fatigue; its co-relation to the skin is an age-old myth. For skin hydration, it’s best to resort to mild moisturisers and lotions that suit your skin type and smoothen dry patches.

Skin care tips for Men

Myth – Fairness creams for lighter skin tone

Truth – The credibility of fairness commercials is outright questionable. With exclusive Men’s fairness creams floating in the market, we suggest you save yourselves from the trap. These creams work to remove pigmentation and even out discoloured skin. We say being confident of your skin tone is the classiest way to go!

Skin Care Guide for Men


Myth – Higher SPF means greater sun protection

Truth – UVA rays are the most harmful and are the wicked agents responsible for skin tans. UVB rays cause normal sunburns in -case of high exposure. SPF in most sunscreen protects against UVB rays and not UVA. Our advice for you is to use a broad-spectrum sunscreen that provides both UVB and UVA protection with least of 15 SPF. The more the better is not true in this case.

Skin Care Routine for Men

Myth – Scrubbing removes blackheads

Truth – Blackheads are every man’s nightmare, especially for those with oily skin. Blackheads are deep rooted into the skin and just scrubbing is never enough to treat them. Scrubbing just exfoliates the outer layer while the blackheads grow back fully in no time. For those with an excess and incessant issue, do go see your dermatologist.    


Skin Care Regime for Men


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