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Resham Karmchandani Shares Details On Eco-Conscious Garments & Sustainable Fashion

by Mansi Kohli

Resham Karmchandani and Sanya Suri , Pot Plant , Designer Clothing
Resham Karmchandani & Sanya Suri

 The Pot Plant Clothing illustrates the age-old charm of natural fabrics and congenial clothing. Stickler to the idea of finding the freedom of expression in clothing that is fuss free and comfort driven, the brand uses natural fabrics, such as hand-spun khadi, Handwoven linen and 100% cotton fabrics.

Founders of the brand, Resham Karmchandani and Sanya Suri grew up in an environment where sustainable and eco-conscious living was not a cult culture but a way of life. For them, sustainable is multi-fold – from women empowerment to working with weavers to introducing collections that are inclusive, they try to strive for a better world with every collection.

In an exclusive conversation with MFG, the talented half of the duo, Resham Karmchandani gives out all the details on their beautifully crafted range. Here are the excerpts from the conversation…

1.What went into conceptualizing the brand Pot Plant?

The Pot Plant just happened. Even though somewhere in our heart we always wanted to have our own label, but there was never a definite time as to when will that happen. We both grew up in an environment where custom made clothing and natural fabrics was a way of life and not a luxury. I remember my father bringing back beautiful textiles froths travels and we used to get tailored clothes made from those. I wanted comfortable clothing in cotton fabrics and one thing led to another and we started this label together. The Pot Plat has always been about everyday silhouettes that anyone from a working mom to a young 20-year-old can sport.

2.What would you say is the ethos of the label?

A childhood of living consciously and the love for timeless hand-me-down clothing is what brought us together for the inception of The Pot Plant. Inspired by a hundred stories lived and experienced by people born in the non-mechanized era, we aim to set the bar for distinctive style, fuss-free silhouettes and unconventional use of natural fabrics. The design process abides by ‘less is more’ to create something that is about utility and style.

Pot Plant , Designer Clothing , Sustainable Fashion

3.Can you share details about your drive for eco-conscious garments?

To us sustainable means slow fashion. We have always been eco warriors. I love working with natural fabric and so does Sanya. She is a huge champion of up cycling and recycling, which is why we work towards zero waste. When we envision a garment, we think about its entire life cycle. So, from using natural fabric to making products that have a long life, we try to make the product as sustainable as possible.

4. With sustainable fashion becoming a mass trend in India, is it here to stay?

We are very positive about sustainable fashion. There is paradigm shift in how people respond to slow fashion and we get great deal of good response from our target audience. They are willing to support slow fashion and understand where their products actually come from.

Pot Plant , Designer Clothing , Sustainable Fashion

5.What’s your design inspiration or theme for Spring Summer 2017 collection?

Fashion is perhaps the most welcoming industry when it comes to people expressing who they are through what they wear. It is a mass revolution with cultures and subcultures that help people express their viewpoint or stand up for what they believe through how they dress. A great visual impact! Our current collection is along the same lines. ‘Beyond the Binary’ is a gender fluid collection abiding by fashion beyond and irrespective of the gender spectrum. The cuts remain crisp and clean with our signature anti-fit look. Exaggerated sleeves, oversized fitting and gender fluid cuts have been accentuated with embroidered floral motifs. 100% cotton fabrics in fresh staple hues and gender neutral cuts comprise this collection.

Pot Plant , Designer Clothing , Sustainable Fashion

6.What does the colour palette look like this season?

It is a mix of vibrant colours and the essential summer whites! We always try to mix colours that can easily transition into autumn and monsoon as well.

Pot Plant , Designer Clothing , Sustainable Fashion

7.Any particular cut or detail that we can look forward to?

This season we have introduced our gender fluid collection. The cuts are very clean and crisp.

8.Your collection comprises of which fabrics this time?

Everything is 100% cotton.

Pot Plant , Designer Clothing

9.Three spring/summer trends to look out for in your collection?

Gender fluid cuts, essential stripes and summer shirt dresses.

11.What would your price point for the collection be like?

Price range – 4000-7500

The Pot Plant Clothing can be reached at Online ShopFacebook / Instagram

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