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You Won’t Believe Why Ranveer Singh Became An Actor! Find Out…

by Kiran Kaur

Ranveer Singh, Jack & Jones Event, MyFashgram


Whether you are as crazy about his craziness, Ranveer Singh, as much as I am or not, the one thing that no one can ever deny is that the man possesses a remarkable acting talent. It is hard to believe that he, of all people, would have become an actor for anything but his love and passion for the art. Yes, yes there is all that too, but he also had an ulterior motive. Want to know what? Well, read on…

So leading men’s fashion brand Jack & Jones announced Ranveer Singh as their brand ambassador in a fun-filled event today. The actor performed his first ever rap for an ad campaign for the brand and was so thrilled about it, that he even performed it live. Clearly, expecting a single dull moment while Ranveer is on-stage, is sheer stupidity. Anyway, RJ Malishka- the MC- asked Ranveer what is his take on denims. To which the actor responded saying, “The first thing that comes to my mind when you say ‘denim’ is ‘everything’.”

Expressing his love for denim further, the actor said, “I used to joke about it with by friends when I was an Assistant Director that I want to become an actor so that I can wear a pair of jeans to work every day.”

Ah well, turns out his dreams did, in fact, come true!

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