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Sonam Kapoor Just Made Summer Florals Absolutely Irresistible

by Kiran Kaur

Sonam Kapoor in Jodi, Myfashgram


“Florals in summer? Groundbreaking!” If you are a fashion lover and/or a movie buff, these words would definitely have rung a bell because these were the sarcasm-loaded words of the cynical Runway editor from Devil Wears Prada (only the best fashion film EVER), Miranda Priestly, aka Meryl Streep. So you can be sure that despite their widespread popularity, summer florals are nothing out of the box and they do little to impress us, as a general rule… unless you are Sonam Kapoor and you can style a pretty outfit to make it look even prettier. Because that’s what she does!

Allow us to demonstrate…

What She Wore

For one of her recent outings, Sonam picked out a beautiful cold-shoulder, floral-printed maxi dress in a pretty shade of pink from Jodi‘s latest collection.

Sonam Kapoor in Jodi, Myfashgram

Shoes & Accessories

With her outfit, Sonam stepped into a comfortable pair of black Aquazzara ballerinas and accessorised her outfit with golden hoops. She then elevated her look with a pair of statement Ray-Ban glasses.

Sonam Kapoor in Jodi, Myfashgram

Hair & Makeup

The actress left her long mane of hair down constructed in loose waves and rounded off her look with subtle eyes and bold red lips.

Sonam Kapoor in Jodi, Myfashgram


The ensemble needs no more appreciation or justification than merely stating that Sonam wore it. We, however, are going to go ahead and state a couple of obvious facts here… the dress looked stylishly summer appropriate, the statement glasses have a huge hand in taking this look from basic to not-so-basic AND Sonam Kapoor is the ultimate B-Town fashionista who can do no wrong when it comes to fashion and style!

Image Credit: Instagram and Snapchat, Sonam Kapoor

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