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How Kendall Jenner Took Her All-Black Attire To A New High

by Kiran Kaur

Kendall Jenner, Paris Fashion Week Fall Winter 2017, MyFashgram


There is nothing safer than an all-black ensemble as any fashion girl would readily agree; the only probable drawback being that it might just get a little too safe and predictable. Unless you wear it like Kendall Jenner! The supermodel knows how to elevate just about every look with the perfect accessorization, a skill she exhibited while she strutted the streets of Paris recently where she’s otherwise busy walking the ramp at the Paris Fashin Week Fall/Winter 2017.

Kendall dressed in a sophisticated all-black attire riding on the Parisian vibe. The reality TV star worked a pair of formal black culottes with a double breasted turtle neck top. She layered a black full sleeve t-shirt underneath and let the sleeves show.

Kendall Jenner, Paris Fashion Week Fall Winter 2017, MyFashgram

Kendall then took her all-black outfit to a whole new level with three commonly ignored tricks… a dramatic hairdo, a texture and colour detailed show and a bold lip matching the shoe colour. Kendall styled her hair in a braided updo and sported beautiful red lips that matched the colour pattern on her black-red pointy toes. A classy black sling rounded off Kendall’s ensemble.

Image Credit: Daily Mail

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