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10 Times Shah Rukh Khan Channeled His Inner King Through His Suits

by Kiran Kaur


Shah Rukh Khan, Birthday, MyFasgram


Happy Birthday, Shah Rukh Khan!

Another year older, another year hotter! Shah Rukh’s hot quotient sure seems to be directly proportional to his age but far be it from me to complain, a self-professed fan that I am. The actor turned 51 today on November 2, 2016, and is busy celebrating his birthday with friends and family at a private beach party in Alibaug. Clearly, the man knows how to ring in his birthday in style.

As Shah Rukh celebrates another year of his Kingship, I couldn’t help but revisit all the times when he channeled his inner King through his classy, elegant and irresistible suits that, for years, have been speaking a fashion language of their own. Despite the fact that Shah Rukh claims to be more of a casual person that a “tux person,” the actor’s sartorial record suggests otherwise. From reds to grays to blues to black and then more blacks and more blacks, we’ve seen them all.

Given the infinite regal style statements made by King Khan, it is almost impossible to list down each and every one of it. So after hours of indecision over which ones to keep and which ones to eliminate, I’ve finally managed to put together 10 best suited-up appearances of SRK that prove he’s every bit the King of fashion as he is of Bollywood.

Here check it out…

When he walked the ramp on Yash Chopra’s 81st birthday as a tribute to the late filmmaker…

Shah Rukh Khan, Yash Chopra 81st birthday, MyFashgram

When he donned a tux at the 61st Filmfare Awards 2016…

Shah Rukh Khan, Filmfare Awards 2016, MyFashgram

When he went in for a leather jacket at the Mirchi Music Awards 2014…

Shah Rukh Khan, Mirchi Music Awards 2014, MyFashgram

When he decided to go all-black at HT Most Stylish Awards 2016…

Shah Rukh Khan, HT Most Stylish Awards 2016, MyFashgram

When he rocked the TOIFA red carpet in an oxblood suit to coordinate with Gauri Khan’s red gown…

Shah Rukh Khan, TOIFA 2013, MyFashgram

When he sported a checked suit with a pinstriped waist coat at Sanya Mirza’s book launch…

Shah rukh Khan, Sanya Mirza Bok Launch, MyFashgram

When he added some velvet shine and a pop of Burgundy with his tie and shoes at ICICI NRI Awards…

Shah Rukh Khan, ICICI NRI Awards, MyFashgram

When he realised that blue looks just as fab on him as black while promoting Fan on Comedy Nights Bachao

Shah Rukh Khan, Fan Promotions on Comedy Nights Bachao, MyFashgram

When he decided to put together three fave colours- blue, black and gray- at GIMA 2011…

Shah Rukh Khan, GIMA 2011, MyFashgram

When he slipped into a glossy gray suit for an endorsement event for TAG Heuer in Delhi…

Shah Rukh Khan, TAG Heuer event Delhi, MyFashgram



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