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Pout Away: 6 Hacks to Make Lips Pink Naturally Without Using a Lipstick

by Mansi Kohli


Has it happened with you that you have just managed to look at someone’s luscious pink and healthy rosy lips only to soon think about your own not-so-pink- lips? Fret not, there are many reasons you can blame this on. From the dead skin buildup to tanning to smoking, there are host of reasons why you have dark lips. While smoking is one thing we will strictly advise you against, there are some sneakily easy ways by which you can get rid of tan and smoke build up. After all, the skin on your lips is five times more sensitive than your face and needs proper care. Here are 6 useful hacks to get pink lips within minutes through natural ways:

1. Honey + Lemon = Your Lips BFFs

Touted to be one of the easiest and most revitalising treatment for retaining the pink glory of your lips, this formula is all about deep cleaning your lips. Just mix one tablespoon of honey with one tablespoon of lemon juice and massage the mixture all over your lips nicely. Resist the urge to lick your lips often and wash your lips within 30 mins or so. You can repeat this formula multiple times in a day for a quick result.

honey and lemon to get pink lips naturally

2. Success with Sugar Scrubbing

Exfoliating your lips using a toothbrush that is loaded with white sugar granules is a great way to get rid of dead skin and stimulate blood flow to the lips. Just be careful to be gentle and keep a light hand while you are at it. Use a soft toothbrush for it and preferably scrub your lips with sugar at night, before hitting your sack, to get the softest, baby-like lips in the morning.

Lip scrub with Sugar and toothbrush


3. Pink Pout with Pomegranate Seeds

While we all are pretty much aware of the awesome health benefits of pomegranate, did you know its seeds can brighten your lips almost instantly? For this, just crush handful of pomegranate seed and add a little bit of unheated cold milk to it and mix it well to a paste. Apply this super effective paste on your lips and voila, desirably glamorously lips attained.

Success with Sugar Scrubbing

4. Rose Petals for Rosy Lips

Known for their anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, rose petals are perfect to stop the ageing of your skin, giving it a youthful and heavenly sheen. Take a bowl and simply soak some roses in a milk for an hour or so (preferably overnight) and while doing so keep this bowl in a fridge. After an hour, add a few drops of vegetable glycerine or organic honey to the mixture. Apply this mixture on your lips and let it dry naturally. Now rub off the mixture with a damp cotton. Instantly bee-sting and rosy lips guaranteed!

Rose Petals for Rosy Lips

5. Beetroot and Coconut Oil can Banish Blackness of Lips

If there is one all-natural, chemical free and instant way to get flawlessly pink lips, then it is this tip. Thanks to the wholesome goodness and natural rosy tint of beetroot, getting irresistibly pink lips is so easy! For this tip, just mix together juice of a medium-sized beetroot with one tablespoon of coconut oil and half a tablespoon of Vaseline. Store this mixture in a cute container and refrigerate it for an hour, and your beetroot balm is ready.

sugar scrubbing for pink lips

6. Pink it Up with a Luxurious Chocolate Treatment!

The king of natural beauty care routine, chocolate is an all-purpose ingredient. For getting naturally divine and alluring lips, just apply a paste of one teaspoon melted dark cocoa chocolate and one vitamin E capsule. Microwave the mixture a bit and only after cooling it apply it on your lips. Resist the temptation to lick this deliciousness and get brighten and hydrated lips within a few applications.

Pink Pout with Pomegranate Seeds

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