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MFG’s Fingertips Forecast: Biggest Nail Trends of 2017

by Mansi Kohli

Wondering what’s next for your nails? Its industrial wire nails, metallic nails and dry flower nails.

latest and hottest nail art trends for 2017

While you are already gearing up to replenish your summer wardrobe with whites, florals, stripes and nautical details; it is time to get updated in the manicure department too. Here’s our list of 7 standout highly-coveted nail art designs of 2017.

Wire Nails:

Even though you might be already wearing the gold or chrome nail polish, this wire nail trend can take your simple clear nail polish or dark nail polish to another level. Leading the trend is manicure guru Eun Kyung Park, the founder of Unistella salon in Seoul, South Korea who uses tweezers to bend very thin gold wires into abstract shapes. How cool is that?

wire nail trend of 2017

Dry Flower Nails:

Just think about taking actual dry flowers and sticking them to your nails? Amused already? Well don’t be, because this new trend is where the manicurist stems the flowers, tapes it on your nail and meticulously creates a bouquet on the nails. Flower power guaranteed!

Dry flower nail trend 2017


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Hologram Diamond Nails:

Taking the shine aspect of your manicure to a whole new level, these hologram diamond nails are something we can’t stop staring at! Diamond nail trend is the new K-beauty sensation where prismatic pieces of cellophane are settled on your nail beds, creating the look of glass shards. It makes crystal look dull in comparison, we think!

hologram diamond  nail trend 2017


Ink Painted Nails:

Inking your way into the latest of fashion, ink painted nails are all about fun, abstract pattern that looks like abstract shapes or thin lines with paint drips here and there!

ink painted nail trend for 2017


Fishnet Nails:

Move over stocking prints, because this nail art design is literally resembling the fishing net in a variety of colours, patterns and styles. These singular or multiple tone nails are all about representing the edgy, kitschy effect.

Fishnet Nails

Metallic Object Nails:

A loud, in-your-face kind of trend, this hanging metallic objects on your nails like chains and accent cuticle pieces is all about exuding a strong, power statement vibe.

Metallic Object Nails

Stiletto Nails:

Also known as claw nails or talon nails, stiletto nails are all about exuding deep raw sexual appeal by wearing the shape of your heel on your nails. Inspired from Coachella tribal-chic, glam punk and anime glam all rolled into one, stiletto nails are meant for brave heart fashionistas!

Stiletto Nails for 2017 nail art trends


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