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Makeup For Zodiac Signs – Taurus

by Shalini Mohanty

Ever had styling and make up tips dished out to you, based on your zodiac? Well then, Fashioscope is our latest fun segment at Myfashgram which gets you styling tips and make-up advice according to your zodiac sign! And since right now we are celebrating Taurus women all around the world, let’s see your makeup tips from Myfashgram!

Artistic by nature and attractive to the eyes, my Taurus woman, you are the epitome of a down-to-earth and trustworthy fellow sapient. Among all the star signs in the Zodiac, you are probably the most organised, and that makes you incredibly reliable too. Being ones of the “earthy” signs among the Zodiacs, it’s natural that you’ll have effortless casual style, tastefully done. Never EVER crashing, your style gives off casual and elegant vibes and your taste is fashion naturally must give you sensual pleasures.

Straight From The Runway. [ Tory Burch – FW17 ]

The first thing you notice about Taurus women are their full pouting lips. Since this sign is ruled Venus, sensuality is second nature to them. Since you have a beautiful natural pout, emphasise your rosebud lips with muted pink hues.

Makeup For Zodiac Signs - Taurus

Your Makeup Instinct.

Your best colour is pink – in fashion and beauty – both bright, fuchsia pinks side and even the soft muted tones work for you, but the prettier, paler pinks look particularly lovely. A pink pouty lips, a healthy pinkish blush on the cheeks, you get my drift…? On the eyes you go for flick, a rather cutesy one than a bold and graphic one, which compliments the rest of your face pretty well.

Makeup For Zodiac Signs - Taurus

Daily Skincare Routine.

Elegant, and a fan of the finer things in life, the Taurus woman would do well with creams and lotions on the more expensive side of the shops. L’Occitane, and Kiehl’s could be brands that would suit your make-up care routine with their rage of cleansers, toner, lotions, moisturisers and hand creams.

Makeup For Zodiac Signs - Taurus

Beauty Guru – Ling

This Australian beauty blogger likes her makeup on the natural side, and being a wife and mummy, she definitely doesn’t look her age. To help you follow her beauty style, here’s a link to her website.

Makeup For Zodiac Signs - Taurus

Hot From The Red Carpet.

Adele at Grammy Awards 2017 and Jessica Alba at Marie Claire’s Image Maker Awards 2017.

Makeup For Zodiac Signs - Taurus

Makeup For Zodiac Signs - Taurus


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