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Holistic Holi: 9 Commandments to Follow to Prep Your Skin for Holi

by Mansi Kohli

Holi skin care

Yes, with the festival of colours just round the corner, we are all set to embrace the boundless joy, vibrancy, warmth and above all, the multihued smears of colours. But with colours accompany a lot of chemicals posing a threat to our skin. It isn’t a hidden fact that colours of Holi have the capability to cause a lot breakouts, irritations and allergies after you are done playing Holi. Save yourself from all the misery and follow these six simple skin commandments to make your skin Holi-ready!

1. Oil up your skin:

Oil your skin with a thick layer of organic coconut oil, morocco oil or castor oil. This will ensure that after you are done playing with Holi, colours get removed easily. Going organic in your oil choice is also a great way to create a healthy shield between your skin and the colour.

oil your skin for holi

2. Go for sunscreen safety:

Do not forget to apply a thick layer of waterproof sunscreen. Allow a good quality sunblock with SPF 25-40 to the exposed areas so that it can give you good enough protection from the sun.

sunscreen safety for holi skin care

3. Choose darker shades for lips and nails:

Moisturise your lips well and apply a darker shade of lip colour. Same for nails; choose a dark shade nail paint.

dark shade of lips and nail paint for holi

4. Vaseline – your secret weapon

For your ears and lips make sure to apply a generous layer of Vaseline throughout. In fact, you should also apply a thick layer of Vaseline under your nails too so that the colour doesn’t seep through. Also, apply Vaseline on your lashes and around your eye area so that the colour is easily removed. This all is important because dry skin is prone to absorb colours and embrace breakouts, hence the better you are at moisturation, the better your skin will feel post-Holi.

vaseline for holi skin care

5. Bring soothing lotions to your rescue:

While playing Holi, if you face irritation of any sort, make sure to quickly wash that particular body part with cold water. Only when the itchiness calms down, should you proceed with applying a cooling lotion, such as lacto calamine.

soothing lotion for holi skin care - lacto calamine

6.Tone your skin properly:

Using toner before stepping out to play Holi is perhaps the best way to tackle the problem of open pores and dial down the chances of damage on your skin.

burt bees toner for skin

7. Stay away from scrubbing:

Yes, do not scrub your skin. This is because scrubs can interfere with the epidermal layer of your skin, making it more prone to itchiness and allergies. If you must, use a cream or foam-based cleanser, followed by moisturisation to hydrate your skin.

moisturiser for holi

8. Prepare an at-home pack to remove toxins form face:

Taking care of your skin after you are done playing is also equally important. For this, just mix together two tablespoons of gram flour with a pinch of turmeric and one tablespoon of honey, along with a dash of milk or yogurt. Apply this mixture on your face and leave it for 15-20 mins or so. You can even use this pack all over body as it will help in harmlessly removing the colours from your entire body. Always remember to moisturise your body with honey, shea butter or moisturiser after you are done playing Holi. This will not allow the colour to seep into your skin further.

at-home skin care pack post-holi

9. Allow your skin to breathe:

Wear clothes that are breathable in nature, such as cottons and linens. This is because other fabrics might get mixed with colours to cause irritation to the skin. Needless to say, less exposure of skin should be the key. Prefer wearing full-sleeved kurtis with churidaars or polo t-shirts with jeans.

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