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Move Over Simplicity! The Era Of Personalised Jackets Is Here

by MFG

You either get it or do it yourself! We are talking about the latest fashion trend on the block – Monogramming! And if we take a closer look – Monogramming or personalized styling on jacket  has emerged as a new hot ‘thing to do’ among the celebs. Off late, we have spotted supermodels, actors, reality stars donning up a jacket, which bears their name, initials or something of their trademark style. And frankly, it looks pretty cool and takes the celeb quotient to a whole new level.

Kim Kardashian

Not so long ago, Kim made a radical statement when she stepped out in a leather jacket with her face emblazoned on it.  She herself was everywhere on this jacket – front, back and at the sides too! Not just the face, the jacket also had words like ‘slay’ and ‘chill’ painted in white on the sleeves, which pretty reflect Kim’s personality. Well, it’s like having your own company all the time!

Gigi Hadid

Gigi loves her name too much and we have not one but two occasions where she was captured wearing her name on the back. She took the whole monogramming thing to a new level, where she completely revamped the logo of Adidas. The monochrome jacket features Adidas Logo but then here’s the twist! An ‘H’ was added and the last two letters were crossed making it ‘Hadid’, super cool it is!

Gigi Hadid

On a different occasion, she was seen in a denim button down shirt by Jacquie Aichie X Mother Denim paired with a leather black bottom. And interestingly, the back of the shirt had a psychedelic eye stitched on it and on top of that the word ‘Hadid’ shone bright!



Karlie Kloss

Former Victoria Secret’s Angel and American supermodel Karlie has also been framed donning personalized attire a lot of times. One of her popular monogramming was when she paired a white short with a denim shirt featuring a weepy eye-stitch and above it rests her name. She was also seen wearing a basketball jacket with her name carved on it!

Karlie Kloss


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